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Our Services

Coronation Physiotherapy helps patients in the Edmonton area to achieve optimal health and mobility. We're experts in diagnosing and treating sports, work related and motor vehicle injuries.

We have helped numerous patients and look forward to working with you.

physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy Services

Our treatment options include:

  • physiotherapy
  • massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • IMS services
  • shockwave therapy


Shockwaves are not electrical shocks at all; they are actually sound waves that can heal deep and superficial tissue in the body.   The sensation of shockwaves feels more like a strong and deep vibration, as there is no electrical current or shock produced.  These super sonic sound waves promote rapid tissue healing and cellular regeneration.  It has been scientifically evaluated and numerous studies on shockwave can be found in various medical journals including:  Journal of Orthopedic Research, International Journal of Surgery and the PEDro database.

Shockwaves have been shown to

1.   Decrease pain

2.   Decrease and regulate inflammation

3.   Promote tissue repair and regeneration through cellular excitation

4.   Induce angiogenesis to promote neovascularization (formation of blood vessels)

5.   Remove calcium deposits

6.   Increase mechanical stimulation (decrease pain and muscle tightness)

We do thorough initial assessments to determine the cause of your problem, then design a treatment and exercise program with you to resolve these issues to return you to all of your normal activities.

Sports Physiotherapy

The owner, Leigh Garvie, was the first Canadian Physiotherapy Association certified Specialist in Edmonton. She is a recognized Sports Physiotherapy Specialist and has been selected to the Canadian Medical team for six Olympic Games, three Pan Am Games and one Commonwealth Games.

All staff are active in various sports activities and bring their expertise to their treatments and return to activity programs for their patients.