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Spending years battling the weight loss rollercoaster myself, I have focussed on motivating people of all ages to get out  and do things they once thought were impossible.  After losing over 55 lbs I found my passion in climbing those mountains in ultra-marathons such as Death Race.  My clients and classes range from national level athletes to seniors...working on bringing out the athlete within us all.  I enjoy working with teens to help theme create healthy lifestyle choices that they can carry through to adulthood.  Whether training them as national level athletes or the high school groups, it is a great experience bringing different styles of exercise to them.   As a mother of two teenagers I think the best lesson we can give our kids is being a good role model by living that health lifestyle ourselves.

Working in a physiotherapy clinic with rehabilitation clients I have seen many injuries that could be prevented by living a healthly active lifestyle at all ages.   Bringing this knowledge to my corporate programming helps to educate people that a small amount of daily activity is all it takes to keep us moving forward in life!


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